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What You Can Do
Here are some things you can do to remedy your situation in the event of group stalking or electromagnetic harassment.  This is by no means a definitive list, since everyone's targeting is somewhat different.  Some of these suggestions, hopefully will help your situation:
  • First of all, realize that you are NOT alone! Then...
  • REPORT THE ABUSE HERE AT THE LINK BELOW! The information provided will be registered in our database and issued as a monthly report of abuse happenings in our community. You may request and distribute the report at anytime. 

Click here - Targeted Individual Report of Abuse

  • Get connected. There are several forums, (including ours) for support and networking.  Here are a few of them:   





  • Network: You could call into one of our nightly conference calls and speak to others nationwide who are similarly targeted. Conference call numbers and access codes can be found by clicking on the  'Conference Call List' page at this site. 

  • Subscribe to our FFCHS Newsletter: Our online newsletter is free and available at this site.  It contains much information that may be relevant to you as you learn to deal with your targeting situation.  The tab marked 'FFCHS Newsletter' can be clicked on the left of this page. 

  • Join a local support group: Most of us live in highly populated areas where there may be a local network of targeted individuals (TI's) associated with FFCHS with whom you can talk and share with others what's happening with you.  Most TI's are relieved to find this option available to them.  Be sure to inquire about local networking opportunities when speaking to those at the conference calls and information line. 
  • Call for help:  You may call our toll-free number anytime and leave a message.  Please state your contact number twice clearly.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.   1-800-571-56181-800-571-5618.

  • Please review this document prepared by the FFCHS Legal Committee:  Protocols for Involuntary Commitment - www.freedomfchs.com/protocolsfinvolcmtmt.pdf
  • Call a Psychological Consultant and Advocate for TI's:                                         Cathy Meadows
    Masters of Clinical Psychology, 707-720-7137707-720-7137
    for counseling and advocacy in dealing with gang-stalking, covert harassment, and surveillance.  She is a professional consultant and can advocate for you with regards to your family, friends, attorneys, law-enforcement, mental health professionals, court, and more.  Call her to discuss your case, and payment options ($60. an hour).  Take a look at her 2 web-sites for more information.
  • Consult with our Dietitian who understands the health effects of targeting on the body.  Nutrition Just Right services offers individualized nutrition counseling for medical conditions related to electromagnetic sensitivities and radio frequency radiation. You are empowered to take back control of your body and health through therapeutic diets, repletion of depleted nutrients with supplementation, holistic modalities to complement the healing process, magnetic therapy and much more.
  • ***When talking to police, your doctor, or hospital staff, please do not mention anything about your targeting to them.   If you do, you risk being hauled away to a psychiatric unit.  Speak only of your symptoms, what's hurting you, etc. and do not ever offer explanations of electronic harassment, DEW weapons, or organized stalking.  Many, many TI's have tried to explain the weaponry or group stalking scenarios to the above-mentioned individuals only to find that they become involuntarily detained for days or weeks in a mental facility - that they are ultimately billed for!!!!!    It is true that the police, your doctor and hospital personnel are those to whom you may feel you must trust with this type of information at a critical time, however, knowingly or not, they are trained to re-victimize targeted individuals with institutionalization for complaints of this type.  
  • Re: Involuntary Commitment:   If confronted by police or mental health professionals who come to your home to haul you away to a psych ward, always remain calm and speak clearly.  You should familiarize yourself with the laws in your state regarding involuntary commitment.  Generally, the guideline is that unless you are a danger to yourself or others, you have the right to remain peacefully in your own home - WHETHER YOU ARE CONSIDERED DELUSIONAL OR NOTJust because the authorities do not believe you or think you are delusional is not a just cause for you to be hauled away to a mental facility!  The general standard is that you must be a danger to yourself or others.  If you are not harming yourself or threatening or causing physical injury to those around you, then according to most state laws you are entitled to remain in your own home.  If you feel this is an issue in your particular situation, then you may want to keep a copy of your state law handy to show to those that may attempt to forcibly carry you away to a psychiatric facility. Knowledge of the law could make all the  difference in some situations.  
    Wikipedia states that an Involuntary [mental] commitment or civil [mental] commitment is a legal process through which an individual with symptoms of severe mental illness is court-ordered into treatment in a hospital (inpatient) or in the community (outpatient). The term “court-ordered” is ambiguous; however, most courts have interpreted it to mean that an actual court of law must hold a hearing to make that determination.
    The New York state Rivers versus Katz case held that “a psychiatric patient who, after being judicially committed as being in need of [psychiatric] care and treatment, still retains presumptive competency to object to psychotropic drugs. Moreover, the court held that a patient's objection can only be overcome by a judicial, not a medical, determination.”
    What does this mean? It means that in most states although the police or other law authorities can take a person in for a “psychiatric evaluation,” they cannot commit a person. Only a court can do so. In addition, whenever a detainee is forced to submit to a “psychiatric evaluation,” he does not have to cooperate with the attending psychiatrist. He may remain silent. Neither can the attending psychiatrist administer drugs or order drugs to be administered to the detainee. Under the national HICA Act, treatment can be administered to a detainee ONLY with the detainee’s consent. A California case determined that a refusal of treatment also applied to the mentally ill.
    Courts are very reluctant to commit a person for psychiatric treatment. The test appears to be whether a detainee is believed to be capable of violence toward himself or, probably more importantly, to others. Alicia Curtis in “Involuntary Commitment,” published online under Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life, writes that “A patient who hears voices constantly, who exists in a state of fear about people she believes are trying to kill her, who does not take any medicines because she believes they are poisoned, and who is too distracted by her illness to cook meals or take showers, could probably not be committed to a hospital involuntarily.”
    A 2007 Maryland case heard by the Maryland Court of Appeals, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene versus Kelly, upheld a Circuit Court ruling that requires the state to prove that an involuntarily committed individual is dangerous to himself or others within the institution before it may forcibly administer medication. In those cases, the authorities will probably obtain the services of a cooperating psychiatrist to attempt to persuade the court that the detainee should be forced to undergo treatment. However, the detainee can also present his own witnesses and other evidence that he is not dangerously deranged. Odd behavior does not constitute mental illness. 
    In short, should a target find himself hauled by the police or other authorities into a psyche ward for a “psychiatric evaluation,” the target can refuse to cooperate in answering questions and taking psychiatric tests. The target can also invoke the HICA Act to refuse any drugs or psychiatric treatment and he can insist upon a court determination about his mental condition. This information should not be construed as legal advice but simply as a guideline for targets who face that situation. 
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO:  a)  DO NOT BE PROVOKED INTO VIOLENCE EITHER TO YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE!!!  THAT IS ONE OF THE GOALS OF THE HARASSMENT; ONE WHICH COULD LEAD TO YOUR SELF-DESTRUCTION  b) DO NOT continually try to convince family and friends of your situation.  If you decide to share this with them and they do not believe you, let it alone.  Do not debate the issue with them.  It is better to keep the peace in your home and community. You may also place yourself at risk of involuntary commitment to a psychiatric facility. Rather, if you need to vent or someone to give you advice, seek out someone in our community that can help.  If you don't know anyone, then call our voicemail line and request help.  Someone will get back to you soon.  The number is:  1-800-571-56181-800-571-5618.  c) If workplace mobbing is occurring at your place of employment, DO NOT tell your supervisors that you're a victim of organized stalking! This may alarm the management.  Generally speaking, they cannot and will not do anything to help your stalking situation.  And if they feel that your presence there will endanger the company, you'll likely be terminated immediately.  Rather, cite individuals if you can name them and work directly with the company and those persons to resolve your issues, if possible. d) Generally speaking, DO NOT involve the police in your situation.  Usually, they cannot be of much help to you unless you know the stalkers and can provide specific evidence of a crime.  This is what the police look for.  Otherwise, you run the risk of involuntary commitment to a psychiatric facility for complaining about organized stalking or electronic torture.  e) If at all possible, if you decide to report abuse to the police, DO NOT go alone.  The presence of at least one other person could save you from involuntary commitment to a psychiatric facility.  This scenario has happened many times.  If you need someone to accompany you to the police station, then call our voicemail line to request help.
  • Reclaim your Brain! See the slideshow below produced by Soleilmavis from her website called 'peacepink' for some affirmations that may help you throughout the day!

Find more photos like this on peacepink


This is stalking and harassment done to an individual by two or more persons or groups.  Some suggestions:

  • Document everything!  This will do two things. It will make the stalkers more careful and maybe your life easier.  And it will provide a record in the event of legal action.  Get a camera if you don't have one and start taking pictures or video.

  • Get a blog.  This is an online web log of the harassment that is happening to you.  It will help you organize your thoughts and would provide easy access to a record when talking to government officials or lawyers who may be able to help you. 


Dr. Moss Posner and Rick Pineiro Give Advice about Organized Stalking






These are attacks of various types of directed energy.  Aimed remotely, attacks may come from a hand-held device in a neighboring home or apartment or delivered via satellite.  Victims report a variety of symptoms: pain, nausea, burning, disorientation, itching, pin pricks, etc. 

Shielding from electronic attacks is extremely important.  There are some shielding tips from the TI community on the "Shielding Tips" page at this website.

John Mecca's website -www.us-government-torture.com - has lots of good information also on this topic that has been helpful to many people.





My name is Kimberli.  I have been surviving the constant attacks for 7 years now.  I am a natural healer and have been for many, many years.  During all this, there have been times that I just wanted to hide, die, or do just about anything to make it stop.  As a healer, there is advice I can share with everyone so you can help yourself.  It may take several "articles" to say all I want to communicate, so please bear with me.  My email address is kimberlilmt@gmail.com.  If  I do not answer you in 12 hours or so,  then, it was intercepted, please resend.

 Know that your body is the battle ground.  If you have ever read, Sun Tzu, The Art of War, you know the battle ground is very important, the one who controls it, usually wins the battle.  You want to do everything in your power to make it as inhospitable as possible to attack.  Keep yourself strong, and always remember that you must be pretty damn important for anyone to be bothering to spend so much time, effort, energy, and resources to make you believe otherwise.

I do not expect that all of these changes to your lifestyle can be made all at once.  But, integrate them into your life at the pace you can handle.  Everything I suggest is in line with a TI's budget in mind.

 Detox the body

     This should be done at a slow and gradual pace.  If you feel sick when detoxing, go slower.  When you move toxins out of your body, your body can become sick if you do too much at once.

 1.      Parasite Cleanse. 

a.  It has been my experience, that we all have parasites.  In the case of former and current military, I have seen, what I  call simbiots (a large parasite that functions as a living implant).

The easiest way to rid yourself of these is to take FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth.  It is very important that you get food grade.  If you get the stuff that has already been mixed to put in your garden, it has added poisons.  Most people need 3 teaspoons in the morning for 3 days.  If you have parasites on the brain or spinal column, it will take 3 tablespoons three times a day for a minimum of three days.  When the parasites break loose of the brain and spinal column, it is a painful experience, plan to be home on the 3rd day.  You mix the D.E. with water, it tastes like dirt.  Do not inhale the puff cloud, it is like pepper and will make you sneeze a lot.

Repeat again in 3 weeks to kill any surviving eggs.

b.      Stop feeding the parasites.  Do this by ridding yourself of as many household chemicals as possible.  Use 20 muleteam borax for your laundry, dishes and household cleaning. 

 2.      Brush your teeth with a natural tooth paste, no fluoride. Baking soda works if you can't afford the Tom's toothpaste.

 3.      Take salt baths.  Get 4 containers of unionized salt.  Get in a tub with hot water, being mindful of your heartrate and blood pressure, soak for an hour, this will pull toxins out of your system.  If you feel lightheaded, or rapid heartbeat, cool the water down, or get out of tub for a bit.

 4.      Drink half your bodyweight in oz of water daily.

 5.      Alex Chu has a website about how to use rare earth magnets to detox the body, http://www.alexchiu.com/eternallife/makerin2.htm.  I suggest using his left right system, just apply them to acupressure points for better results.  In the foot it would be K1, located in the upper mid foot, in the middle when the ball of the foot meets the arch.  Then also use them on the wrist. 

 6.      Sherry Shriner claims magnets can be used to disable implants.  Her website says: 

 If you think or know you are already implanted with a chip from a vaccination, flu shot, dentist, surgeon (knowingly or unknowingly through their pharmaceutical supplies) then you can cause them to malfunction within 2 days with rare earth magnets you can buy that are cheap!  I bought 10 of these magnets. The Lord showed me where to put them and I used a band aide to hold them in place. I put them as He led me to.  I started on a Friday night, on Sunday I put the last 2 on because they didn't need as many hours to fry the chips as the other ones did, by Monday morning I was cleared and had neutralized all of the chips! New chips, several years old, only need about 12-24 hours to neutralize. The ones you probably got as a kid via vaccines can take 24-36 hours. So I started on a Friday night and took them off on Monday. When I use magnets, I have had about 80% success in helping people tremendously.  For others, it's just not enough. If you are pregnant,or  have a pacemaker DO NOT USE THE MAGNETS.  If you have high blood pressure, use them with care.

 Detox the mind

 1.      Meditate/pray whenever possible.  At least once daily.  If you need to, call me and I will take you through a guided meditation.  Hemisync and holisync are very good meditations for resetting your left/right brain connection.

2.      Do not buy into the words, thoughts and images they put into your head.  When they come into your head, see yourself grabbing them out and throwing them in the garbage, acknowledge that these are not your thoughts.

 3.      When you can, say the following affirmation:   " I am in control of my mind.  I love myself.  I forgive myself.  I heal myself"  Then take a deep breathe.


Strengthen your body

 1.Eat healthy.  This is VERY important.

    1. Organic whenever possible.
    3. Very limited processed food.
    4. Get a juicer off ebay and start juicing.
    5. Eat Omega 2 and 6 fatty acids.  Good sources are fish, hemp, and flax seed.  Flax seed can be bought on ebay, eat a tablespoon a day.  Mix it in oatmeal, or a salad.
  1. Take your vitamins.  Especially vitamin C.
  2. Take your minerals.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of sea salt to every bath.
  4. Walk in a safe place for at least an hour every day.

...... Peace and Love to all, Kimberli



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