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Videos that tell our Story

"Brain Invaders" Episode 6, Season 3 of Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory"

Voice to Skull/Remote EEG Patent/Electronic Harassment

Host:  Jesse Beltran

1st Global Protest Against Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment
October 14, & 21, 2009

Actual Microwave Attack Caught on Video

2 CNN Documentaries from 1985 on Mind Control Technologies

Dr. Colin Ross - Psychiatrist, researcher, lecturer, author.  Mind control studies expert.

Dr. Barrie Trower, retired British microwave scientist

President Clinton apologizes for Unethical US Radiation Experiments

Leuren Moret is a former scientific laboratory employee who earned her Bachelor of Science in Geology at University of California, Davis in 1968, and her Master of Arts in Near Eastern Studies from University of California, Berkeley in 1978. After working 5 years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and two years at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab, she left Livermore and now studies and publicizes the health effects of radiation exposure. She has worked extensively on the impact of radiation on public health from nuclear power plants and atmospheric testing and how radiation moves through the environment.

"Stories: Of Organized Stalking and Electromagnetic Harassment" (45 min)

by Derrick Robinson

Interviews, pictures, and music tell the stories of victims of organized stalking and electromagnetic harassment.  [Note: There's about 1 minute of unexplained silent video at the very beginning that couldn't be deleted.]

Organized stalkers caught in the act of conspiracy by Carl in Florida.

By Leslie in Michigan

Directed Energy Weapons assaults caught on film.

March 1st 2011, bioethics commission, session 10 from Jeremy on Vimeo.

Many people ask why people would stalk, harass and torment their friends.  As victims, we know they are told falsehoods by people who claim to be authorities.  This video explains how this could happen in America.  


From the History Channel Series entitled "That's Impossible",

this is their program on 'Mind Control' found on YouTube in 5 parts.


Dr. Nick Begich speaks on Joyce Riley's "The Power Hour" about his book, "Controlling the Human Mind".  This interview happened in 2007.



Dr. John Hall and Christine Lynn Harris

interviewed by Myrna Lim of San Francisco Public Access TV

Video by Felix in California



Petition to the Prime Minister of Canada - 2009



Dr. John Hall on George Noory's "Coast to Coast" Program

February 9, 2010:  Parts 1 - 12

Private Investigator Roger Tolces on
"Coast to Coast with George Noory"
Parts 1 - 12:   December 6,  2008



Powerpoint exhibit of organized stalking and electronic weapons abuse.

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